Shisha Tobacco Las Vegas

Shisha Tobacco Las Vegas

Many people confuse Shisha Las Vegas with the hookah. The hookah is the pipe itself while shisha is the flavored tobacco used with it. If you have never tried smoking one before, you probably think it is a bit intimidating to try. Here are a few things that you need to know about shisha. These might help put your mind at ease and give it a try. The first thing you need to get comfortable with a new thing, after all, is to get informed.

Shisha is made using three different varieties of tobacco. It is mixed with water and 70% honey. The best kind of tobacco goes through a complex and long process which makes the flavor more intense, but the nicotine content lesser by up to 5%. Fruit chips and fruit essences are added as well as different types of oils and molasses.

The Benefits of Using Vegas Shisha

Shisha smoking is still smoking. While it does have its cons, it is a much safer way to smoke. Shisha is 30 times less concentrated in chemicals than traditional cigarettes, according to the Royal University of Saudi Arabia. There are 5,000 chemicals found in a cigarette, but chemists from the university found only 142 in shisha. Another medical team from Pakistan found that shisha is less carcinogenic than cigarettes.

The nature of shisha smoking also makes it a social event, making it easy form friendly bonds and sharing. It also keeps you away from stress-related illnesses as shisha sessions with friends are a great way to have a bit of relaxation.

Given its benefits, shisha is relatively cheaper than cigarettes especially now that taxes on tobacco has been raised to an all-time high. Shisha is now a great alternative to traditional cigarette smoking. Besides, hookah pipes make stunning home decors. They can look fantastic in any room in your house.

Try Authentic Shisha in Vegas Today

To those who are new to shisha smoking, it is best to try a small amount of Las Vegas shisha first. Break them up before putting them into the bowl so you don’t cover all the holes. There are tobacco-free molasses that you can try first. This is sort of a practice since burning the molasses can make you cough especially if you are a first-timer. Take an aluminum foil to wrap around the opening of the bowl. Make sure it is air-tight. Punch a few holes in it to let enough air flow through your pipe.

Whenever possible, use natural coal when smoking shisha. It is the healthiest choice because it has no chemicals that may affect the flavor of the smoke. It might take longer to light, but it gives a better experience.

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