How to Clean Your Hookah Properly

How to Clean Your Hookah Properly

Hookah Las Vegas: Keeping Your Hookah Clean

More and more people have grown familiar with the art of hookah. Having a hookah in Las Vegas is fun but owners should keep in mind the importance of maintenance. According to WikiHow, cleaning a hookah thoroughly will make sure that it produces the best flavor and best experience possible. Despite proper maintenance, it is important to give your hookah a thorough clean once in a while.

Cleaning Your Hookah Parts

According to Hookah-Shisha, to properly clean a hookah, disassembling is the first step. First, gently detach the hose from the hookah and gently blow into the hose. This will remove any lingering smoke from your Las Vegas hookah. If your pipe is washable, rinse it with water every 4 – 5 uses. Let the water run through the hose for 30 seconds and then drain it. Hang it to dry and wait until the hose is fully dry before using it again.  

The valves, grommet, and the ashtray can be easily cleaned by washing them with warm water. To clean the tobacco bowl, first, wipe it with a piece of cloth to remove any residue. Let it simmer in a pot of water to clean up any caked tobacco left in the piece.

For the stem of your hookah, hold it at an angle and rinse with warm water. Use lemon juice and a stem brush to thoroughly clean the pipe.  Lastly, pour half a teaspoon into both ends of the stem and rinse it with warm water. After the cleaning process, set these parts aside to dry on a towel.

Before cleaning the base, make sure it is at room temperature. Add hot water to the base and then add two tablespoons of lemon juice and a teaspoon of baking soda. Using a base brush, scrub the sides of the base and swirl the water around. Let this sit for at least an hour or overnight to do a deep clean. After this period pour out the solution, rinse the base, and turn it upside down to dry.

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