What to Consider When Buying Hookah Accessories

What to Consider When Buying Hookah Accessories

Shisha Tobacco Las Vegas: Upgrade Your Hookah with Accessories

Having a hookah is awesome in itself but when it comes to making the most out of your hookah experience, adding accessories here and there are definitely worth a try. As said by the hookah lovers at Hooka-Shisha, there are a lot of hookah and shisha upgrades that will improve the quality of your experience by a mile. Here are some Las Vegas shisha accessories that shouldn’t be missed.

Give Your Bowl an Upgrade

Upgrading a hookah bowl will result in a smoother session and an easier cleanup process. Accessories like the Vortex Bowl or the Funnel Bowl works great, especially when smoking juicier or wetter brands of shisha in Las Vegas. These upgrades result in smoother and more flavorful smoke thanks to the raised sphere in the middle of the bowl.

Choosing a Hose

Low-quality hoses can hinder or dull your experience with the hookah. Because of the lingering flavors, residual dirt and other undesirable effects, your quality shisha might be put to waste. The hose that usually comes with the standard hookah set is not washable. This could make cleaning up tiring and hard to do. To avoid this, check out quality hookah and shisha accessories and make sure to get hoses that washable and easy to clean.

Other Additions

Although these two accessories mentioned are the most basic upgrades for a hookah set, owners can even go further with heat management tools and diffusers. According to Hookah Shisha, these upgrades will make for a smoother a better hookah and shisha experience. With great heat management, smokers will no longer have to worry with constant coal and heat adjustment. On the other hand, installing a diffuser will give smokers the benefit of smaller smoke bubbles. By reducing the size of the smoke bubbles that go through the hose, smokers get to enjoy cooler and cleaner smoke every single time.

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